Know More About Curing Products for Healthcare Industry

Kryptonite Healthcare Design Products

Kryptonite Healthcare Design was established in 2014 with mission to transform the healthcare environment helping patients cure and people work easily. Irrespective of any products it comes up with, the core values and beliefs remain the same with innovation touching the soul of this company.

The effectiveness of Healthcare Design illusions results from elementary patient relaxation to better work environment for people working inside closed surroundings. Kryptonite uses exquisite illusions of nature which has brought a revolution to the healthcare facilities across the globe.

Know About the Products We Offer:

Kryptonite Healthcare Design brings you a unique range of its products specially designed and manufactured for hospital infrastructure to enhance patient experience.

  1. Virtual Skylights are illusions of natural sky that provide a soothing environment, conducive to patient healing and relaxation. We strive to make environment where people would love to work.

They capture the essence of nature making the hospital areas like wards, waiting rooms, lobbies etc. bright and beautiful. Spending a day under the clouds is simply amazing, isn’t it? The high tech simulation lets patients forget all their pain and enjoy the surrounding that looks so real.

The real looking virtual skylights are available in sizes that fit into the standard grid ceilings of 2’ x 2’. They are compatible with most of the standard grid ceilings & can be scaled up to the size you desire.

  1. Landscape Windows are ultra slim LED wall panels with professional photography which brings you close to the nature. The virtual landscape windows make the interiors look lively, bringing the beauty of nature inside.

Consult us for installing landscape windows and make your clinic or hospital a place where patients can be cured in the pleasant surroundings. You can select from the wide range of nature images like the clouds, hot air balloons, trees etc. and place it in the Landscape windows to offer the best environment to your patients. A study says, patients get recovered from any disease quickly when his/her brain is relaxed.

Our images come from one of the best professional photographers around the world, creating beautiful surroundings. The artificial landscape windows are available in sizes 4’ x 2’, 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 6’ and are tailor-made to suit your requirement.

  1. Panoramic Wall Murals gives a complete panoramic effect that changes the complete environment of the department. Your patient would not feel he/she is coming for treatment or diagnosis but would experience wonderful life-like environment.

Panoramic wall murals will allow your patients feel as if they are at some natural place enjoying the bright surroundings. The best part of the real looking virtual wall murals is they make the patient’s mind and body relaxed.

These sophisticated nature display systems trigger genuine relaxation responses for mind and body – promoting psycho-physiological restoration, well-being, and better cognitive functioning. Unique combination of art and technology, these virtual skylights, windows and murals dramatically enhance the sense of openness and connection to nature in enclosed spaces. Our products enliven the innate human connection to nature and promote healing relaxation responses of comfort & inner stability.

The customers who have chosen us are one of the best hospitals in India which includes Medanta, Hinduja, Vadamalayan, Ruby Hospital, etc.