Kryptonite skylights and virtual ceilings for soothing nerves


What are skylights and why you should think about them?

Have you ever wondered what it would be to harness the power of sun rays in your room at twilight? Imagine the serene feeling that settles in when you watch  skylights of natural environment and divine sky ceiling in the midst of a busy frenzy place!

Healthcare sectors, especially, lends itself to artificial skylight and sky ceiling, which are LED window panels, adorned with nature and its natural vast surroundings giving a sense of peace. These artificial skylights, sky ceilings and virtual window panels are backlit to illuminate the image.

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Visual empowered Skylights and Sky Ceilings:

Kryptonite Healthcare Design  is an emerging company in the space of sky lights and sky ceilings landscape windows panels.  One of the forerunners in manufacturing and marketing of artificial skylight and sky ceiling. Kryptonite is fast becoming a name to reckon with in healthcare design with their products Virtual Ceilings & Cinema Skins.

Kryptonite skylights help in recovering from illness in the laps of nature

Skylights, sky ceilings and virtual windows are used by prime healthcare facilities worldwide to automatically lend a sense of relaxation for the patient. This in turn uplifts their mood and joyous feeling. These virtual skylights and skyceiling window panels are ultra slim LED wall panels, bringing you closer to nature and natural surroundings of vibrant gardens, snowcapped mountain and beautiful valleys.

Choose the skylights with serene landscapes

The landscape is beautifully captured by professional photographers to make the interior look lively and bright. Targeting healthcare segments for these virtual skylight and sky ceilings are mainly directed towards those who need healing and are in the process of being healed. Such visuals give a feeling of space and expansion thus triggering well being.

Kryptonite healthcare design works to make healing faster:

Kryptonite virtual landscape window panels are designed for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare areas, where frenzied feeling runs high and everybody is under pressure. Addressing this situation, such illuminated panels works to lower the pressure and calm nerves.

Such imagery is proven to heighten good feeling and shorten the period of recuperation.  As a result, a patient can find himself on his feet faster and perfectly mobile than before.

Kryptonite products are being widely accepted for their value they offer towards good health.  It is not just a superior patient experience, but it also adds to beautify the hospital environment.

Nature makes its way inside closed treatment rooms!!!

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Research reveals that environments can increase or reduce our stress, which in turn impacts our bodies.

What you are seeing, hearing, experiencing at any moment is changing not only your mood, but how your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are working

The stress of an unpleasant environment can cause you to feel anxious, or sad, or helpless. This in turn elevates your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension and suppresses your immune system. A pleasing environment reverses that.

Nature helps us cope with pain. Because we are genetically programmed to find trees, plants, water, and other nature elements engrossing, we are absorbed by nature scenes and distracted from our pain and discomfort.

Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. It may even reduce mortality, according to scientists.

Research done in hospitals, offices, and schools has found that even a simple plant in a room can have a significant impact on stress and anxiety.

In addition, nature helps us cope with pain. Because we are genetically programmed to find trees, plants, water, and other nature elements engrossing, we are absorbed by nature scenes and distracted from our pain and discomfort.

This is nicely demonstrated in a now classic study of patients who underwent gallbladder surgery; half had a view of trees and half had a view of a wall. According to the physician who conducted the study, the patients with the view of trees tolerated pain better, appeared to nurses to have fewer negative effects, and spent less time in a hospital. More recent studies have shown similar results with scenes from nature and plants in hospital rooms.

One of the most intriguing areas of current research is the impact of nature on general wellbeing. In one study, 95% of those interviewed said their mood improved after spending time outside, changing from depressed, stressed, and anxious to more calm and balanced.

Furthermore, time in nature or viewing nature scenes increases our ability to pay attention. Because humans find nature inherently interesting, we can naturally focus on what we are experiencing out in nature. This also provides a respite for our overactive minds, refreshing us for new tasks.

Luminous false ceiling help enhancing hospital infrastructure with nature touching lives of people visualising the products.

Virtual skylights are virtual panels which gives healthcare design a new angle of nature imagery with illuminated ceiling structure.

Many facilities in India now have healthcare infrastructure specialists and we are proud that Kryptonite can serve these infrastructural requisite with its innovative products.