KRYPTONITE CINEMA SKIN – Transforming Radiology

Cinema Skin img

Kryptonite Healthcare Design brings to you an exclusively newly launched product in India, transforming the healthcare facility with never seen before unique technologically equipped product – CINEMA SKIN. Virtual Environments, Australia has joined hands with Kryptonite Healthcare Design for a strategic tie-up of its products. A new dimension to patient relaxation Cinema Skin projects videos and animations, through proprietary software, onto the gantry of a scanner. Visually stunning, Cinema Skins are ‘cut’ to fit the equipment so there is no bleed into other surfaces or into the patients eyes. The projection is controlled through a web-based interface that is accessed on a computer in the control room and can be changed to suit the patient. This means that the operator can change from animations to scenes of nature, or the patient can even watch their favourite movie. In a paediatric facility that looks after infants through to 18 year olds, Cinema Skin gives the greatest possible flexibility in matching the Virtual Environment to the patient. Cinema Skins can also be used in other parts of the hospital, linked to tablets, to run information about the hospital or to project soothing scenes in other parts of the hospital such as public areas and waiting rooms.