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Why is having a window so important? Because windows open door to an expanse of landscape, giving you a feeling of openness, which a room cannot give.

When everyone today is living in a closeted environment, it becomes all the more essential to have a window which will lend a sense of space to people to all those who are there. It has a direct impact on the workplace in terms of job satisfaction, general well-being and suitably decreasing the sense of quitting. Spending time in a room with a window and that too with a double advantage of a beautiful view does the world of good to the person. Undoubtedly, having a window, both at the workplace and at home enhances better health and therefore getting its due importance

Today, the same feeling joy and happiness is being captured in virtual window panels, virtual skylights, virtual ceilings etc., installed in hospital and healthcare homes, to renew the feeling of being alive!

Window influences in specific ways

Firstly, a window illuminates the room. The light penetrating the room gives it a natural warmth adding to the sense of vibrancy.

And the view of course. Nothing can replace the positive effect of a window with a beautiful view. It lends a certain cheer, giving energy to all in that room. Additionally, a view of natural surroundings like trees, vegetation, colorful flowers, and greenery was found to insulate the individual from the negative impact of stress, feeling of resignation and quitting.

Why is light important
A study indicates that exposure to light and images of natural surroundings throughout the day, even if it through a window, leads to better sleep at night. It also gives energy thus increasing physical activity and improving the general quality of life. This kind of environment is no doubt beneficial to your health through its effects on mood, alertness, feeling fit and fine, as well as metabolism.
Therefore, illuminated virtual window panels with an inbuilt view were found to be impactful enhancing the sense of happiness, feeling of vibrancy and productivity, and mainly helping to reduce the recovery time of patients who have undergone a surgery.
By combining cutting-edge technology and fine art, Kryptonite virtual window panels and landscape windows aim to reduce stress and increase a sense of calm. The company, therefore, strives to create a better indoor environment for patients and health care assistants at hospitals, infirmary, nursing homes, even hospital cafeterias etc. with virtual window panels, skylights, sky ceilings, cinema skin etc.

Virtual Skylight, window panels or landscape windows provide a realistic view of the natural environment, the flora that nature provides for all of us. It allows patients, especially those who are immobile and confined to bed, an eye-catching image to admire. Pictures of feather clouds against a light blue sky, an alluring expanse of the night sky, or a beautiful jungle with foliage, plants, and colorful flora are known to works wonders on such patients.

These virtual window panels, landscape windows, sky ceilings, skylights are designed to be an essential part of a larger

that works to convert any grey and sterile room into a warm and inviting place. Cinema skin of dynamic nature images and a selection of scenic beauty, ocean view, sunrise and sunset, waterfalls, rivers and much more creates a realistic experience enriching the environment and making the patient less stressed. As a result, virtual window panels are on the rise and understandably so.

Landscape Windows, virtual window panels, sky ceilings are used by prime healthcare facilities worldwide to automatically trigger a sense of comfort in the patient psychology by boosting our inborn connection with nature.

Light up your healthcare

beauty of nature and bringing the sky inside the room
Beauty of nature and bringing the sky inside the room

Greenery, and all the colors of nature:
It is well known in the area of healing that watching fishes in an aquarium or even looking at such an image immediately helps lower the blood pressure, soothing one’s mind and calming one’s nerves.

Similarly, have you ever noticed that when you come across a beautiful natural landscape, the complete look gives you a refreshed, revitalising feeling? That feeling of “wow” can also be felt if you see an eye catching photo frame of a landscape or such surrounding. That is the reason why when you go visiting the outskirts of any city, the natural greenery, changes one’s mood. Such scenes give their silent yet powerful boost to everyone. Imagine how powerful it would then be when utilised in hospitals and health care units.

Inherent attraction to nature:
The inherent love of nature is naturally built in all of us. It goes without saying that there are many such hidden benefits and advantages of such a scenery which is now coming to be recognised as a vital essential aspect towards health recovery. Therefore, displaying such pictures of nature in hospital wards and health care units, where the mood is always gloomy and one of panic, is bound to play a role of a potent mechanism to aid uplift mood and help a patient to feel better.

Positive effects on psychology
Given the lifestyle one leads today, there is very little chance that we don’t get as much to see any landscape as we need it. Therefore, filling up the gap are innovative infrastructural products like virtual window panels or landscape windows, skylights, sky ceilings, panoramic murals can have positive psychological effects on people and even enhance task performance at work.
In the recent times, research has proven that breezy nature, open and clean landscapes and colorful flora promotes healing at hospitals while improving performance at offices. Such scenery or viewing nature or even impressions of nature and nature-inspired aesthetics increases well- being and reduces stress a psycho-physiological benefit.

Extra effects
Sky ceilings, skylights, landscape and virtual window panels not just add to the aesthetic look and feel of a place, it also optimizes one’s their health by uplifting mood and aiding recovery. Through this “beauty of nature and bringing the sky inside the room” technology, Kryptonite Healthcare Designs are offering , sky ceilings, virtual window panels, panoramic murals, skylights and such other wall installations to extend a soothing experience of the depth of nature to patients and caregiver, doctors and all those working at hospitals.
Blending technology with nature, the endeavour of this artistic pursuit is to draw from nature’s own healing powers to inspire and motivate patients to get better, faster. In short, such visual illusions and sky ceiling, sky lights, wall installations etc. work in an aesthetic manner to rejuvenation.

How it helps
Virtual window panels, sky lights, sky ceilings etc. depicting nature, extends a feeling of space while enhancing illusions of depth, heightened feeling of happiness and joy.
Patients as well as their assisted care, who are already stressed about ill health, feel a great sense of calm pervading with such nature-inspired lights. Even the hospital staff who are constantly on the move, taking care of patients etc. are also put in a mood that is elevating thus optimising their output as well as medical care.
Therefore, it goes without saying, that nature inspired wall installations and virtual window panels enhance healing and health.

Know More About Curing Products for Healthcare Industry

Kryptonite Healthcare Design Products

Kryptonite Healthcare Design was established in 2014 with mission to transform the healthcare environment helping patients cure and people work easily. Irrespective of any products it comes up with, the core values and beliefs remain the same with innovation touching the soul of this company.

The effectiveness of Healthcare Design illusions results from elementary patient relaxation to better work environment for people working inside closed surroundings. Kryptonite uses exquisite illusions of nature which has brought a revolution to the healthcare facilities across the globe.

Know About the Products We Offer:

Kryptonite Healthcare Design brings you a unique range of its products specially designed and manufactured for hospital infrastructure to enhance patient experience.

  1. Virtual Skylights are illusions of natural sky that provide a soothing environment, conducive to patient healing and relaxation. We strive to make environment where people would love to work.

They capture the essence of nature making the hospital areas like wards, waiting rooms, lobbies etc. bright and beautiful. Spending a day under the clouds is simply amazing, isn’t it? The high tech simulation lets patients forget all their pain and enjoy the surrounding that looks so real.

The real looking virtual skylights are available in sizes that fit into the standard grid ceilings of 2’ x 2’. They are compatible with most of the standard grid ceilings & can be scaled up to the size you desire.

  1. Landscape Windows are ultra slim LED wall panels with professional photography which brings you close to the nature. The virtual landscape windows make the interiors look lively, bringing the beauty of nature inside.

Consult us for installing landscape windows and make your clinic or hospital a place where patients can be cured in the pleasant surroundings. You can select from the wide range of nature images like the clouds, hot air balloons, trees etc. and place it in the Landscape windows to offer the best environment to your patients. A study says, patients get recovered from any disease quickly when his/her brain is relaxed.

Our images come from one of the best professional photographers around the world, creating beautiful surroundings. The artificial landscape windows are available in sizes 4’ x 2’, 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 6’ and are tailor-made to suit your requirement.

  1. Panoramic Wall Murals gives a complete panoramic effect that changes the complete environment of the department. Your patient would not feel he/she is coming for treatment or diagnosis but would experience wonderful life-like environment.

Panoramic wall murals will allow your patients feel as if they are at some natural place enjoying the bright surroundings. The best part of the real looking virtual wall murals is they make the patient’s mind and body relaxed.

These sophisticated nature display systems trigger genuine relaxation responses for mind and body – promoting psycho-physiological restoration, well-being, and better cognitive functioning. Unique combination of art and technology, these virtual skylights, windows and murals dramatically enhance the sense of openness and connection to nature in enclosed spaces. Our products enliven the innate human connection to nature and promote healing relaxation responses of comfort & inner stability.

The customers who have chosen us are one of the best hospitals in India which includes Medanta, Hinduja, Vadamalayan, Ruby Hospital, etc.