How Do Virtual Skylights transform healthcare Environments?

Panoramic Murals

Virtual skylights are the modern-aged product that provides illusion of natural sceneries in the hospital interiors. It allows customers to leverage the extensive look it offers to the hospital, wards, lobbies, dining area and more. No matter where it is been placed it makes the surroundings, bright and joyful. It creates a perfect ambiance for patients to get well soon from the hospital.

How do Virtual Skylights Make Hospitals Look Better?

When the light passes through the acrylic panels of high resolution ceilings, the area covered by the light and the nature’s picture on the skylight looks amazingly pleasant. The proximities to nature infuse the feeling of well-beings in the hospitals where it is needed the most.

The idea of fixing the artificial skylights will make your hospital or the clinic look popular and unique. It might be a great investment but it is not less than a miracle in healthcare industry where there are several ways to heal the pain and this new technique can take the top position of the list full of healing techniques.

It is been proved in a research that by incorporating virtual skylight in hospitals with the suitable use of the nature in its interiors, reduces stress and improves health of the patients.

This innovative healing technique can reduce the pain by making the brain forget the intensity of the disease or injury.

Benefits Attached with Virtual Skylight Installation

There are various benefits of implying virtual skylights in your hospital. Not only the patients but also the employee staff gets benefitted with the skylights installation.

Boost Productivity

The individuals serving at the hospital can get more productive in the work place that is so clear and bright with real looking virtual skylights. As per one of the study, it has been proved that employees work efficiently in a place having excellent work environment.

Visual Acuity Benefits Health

Pleasant surrounding can aid patients to get cured from their disease or injuries quickly. The virtual skylights supplying companies sets up the ambience such that it reduces the patient’s pain and offer the visually appealing view.

Consume Less Energy

Well, installing appropriately selected virtual skylights for hospital rooms with no windows might seem to be consuming high amount of energy. But, the fact is that it uses less energy and as a result hospitals deciding to install the skylights might not see very major difference in the energy consumption.

Everything About Kryptonite Skylight Service Providers

We are one of the leading companies supplying virtual skylights to the hospitals without compromising with its quality. We tend to make our customer delighted with the skylights that offers the benefits of natural sunlight without cutting a portion in the ceiling.

You can choose from several images of nature for the skylights and make your hospital get better visual appeal.

We at Kryptonite Healthcare Design offer illusions of natural sky that provide a soothing environment, conducive to patient healing and relaxation. We strive to make environment where people would love to work.

The virtual ceilings we offer are available in several sizes that fit into the standard grid ceilings of 2 x 2. They are compatible with most of the standard grid ceilings & can scale up to the size you desire.

Hence, with these ample benefits and features, hospitals can totally rely on it and transform the hospital environment from dull to bright.