Encounter a new dimension to patient relaxation
with Kryptonite Cinema Skin


Kryptonite Cinema Skin by Kryptonite Healthcare Design is the technology that allows patients to leverage a new dimension of curing with an ease.

Kryptonite Cinema Skin projects videos and animations, through proprietary software, onto the gantry of a scanner simulating nature through a virtual experience. Visually stunning, Cinema Skin is 'cut' to fit the equipment so there is no bleed into other surfaces or into the patients' eyes. The system is based on projection which is wall mounted to project the video on the CT/ MRI scanner of any sort. The system is an HD based video projection with 2000+ Lumens which is a brilliant classification of brightness & clarity. The projection is controlled through an iPad controller that is accessed from the control room and can be changed to suit the patient.

This means that the operator can change from animations to scenes of nature and lets the patient relax during the treatment. We have exceptional photographers and animators at your disposal. In a pediatric facility that looks after infants through to 18 year olds, Cinema Skin gives the greatest possible flexibility in matching the Virtual Environment to the patient.

The complete system of Cinema Skin would be provided along with 15 themes of videos pre-loaded into the iPad controller. Once the system is installed in the facility, 15 more themes would be added within the first month w.e.f. the date of installation.

Kryptonite Cinema Skin is installed in leading healthcare environments worldwide to trigger an automatic relaxation response in the psychology of the patient's mind, thereby enhancing the 'patient experience' by our inherent association with natural environment.


Highly Flexibility

Cinema Skin concept is flexible. The operator can project the videos or animation in any part of the hospital.

Relaxing Experience

The patients in the hospital when watch the videos projected, experience a relaxing feeling, forgetting the pain.

Computer Managed Concept

An operator manages the projection controlled by a web-based interface accessed through a computer system in the control room.