We bring you close to Nature through
Kryptonite Landscape Windows

Landscape windows

Kryptonite Landscape Windows are ultra slim LED wall panels with professional photography which brings you close to the nature. The landscape windows make the interiors look lively bringing the beauty of nature inside.

Our images come from one of the best professional photographers around the world creating beautiful surroundings. The Landscape windows are available in sizes 4' x 2', 4' x 4', 4' x 6' and are tailor-made to suit your requirement.

Practically no hospital today designs its interiors without generous windows preferably giving the access to beautiful natural landscape. A design research reveals that visions of nature help in healing, reduce stress & anxiety and reduce the use of pain medication in healthcare settings. So what if the hospitals do not have access to such an arrangement of windows in its facility? Kryptonite Landscape Windows are designed to address this situation which is common in a large number of hospitals and clinics, by creating an impression of nature, thereby tricking the brain with a feeling of expansion triggering spacious well-being.

Landscape Windows are used by prime healthcare facilities worldwide to automatically trigger a sense of relaxation in the patient psychology. This in turn enhances patient experience by boosting our inborn connection with nature.



Texture Wood


Brown Wood


Beautiful Virtual appearance of real environment in a window-like frame

Making closed rooms
look more spacious

Brings the complete
panoramic natural view inside

Edge lit with powerful LED
making it more life-like

Huge variety of professional
photographic images in our library