Once you have decided on the wall you want to enhance with a mural, you will need to decide what portion of the wall you want covered. Keep in mind that a full wall mural is going to offer you the greatest impact and is ultimately the best value for your money. This is one instance where size truly does matter. A partial wall mural will add color, texture, interest and, if you wish, provide a theme to your space. However a full wall mural will provide extraordinary drama and help you transform a room from ho-hum to incredibly chic.

What Sizes Are Available?

Our images: Minimum 4 feet x 6 feet, with no maximum

Your image/custom murals: Minimum size of 3 feet x 5 feet, with no maximum

Measuring Tips (Full Wall)

Width: measure the horizontal distance from corner to corner.

Height: we recommend that you measure the vertical height at each corner as walls are never perfectly square. If different, select the greater of the two height measurements.

Measuring Tips (Partial Wall)

Submit your exact measurements of your desired mural space.

Note: we create all custom size murals based on the specific dimensions that you provide. To allow for slightly uneven wall dimensions we add an extra inch of bleed to the height and width of each mural section, or panel. This extra material can be easily trimmed away once the mural application is complete.

Proper wall preparation ensures that your wall will be "mural/wallpaper ready" and your mural will adhere correctly to the wall defects will not damage or detract from the beauty of your mural. Proper preparation will ensure the best results for your wall mural and also aides in future removal

Basic Steps For Wall Preparation

  • Remove old wallcovering
  • Remove flaking paint
  • Repair any defects in the wall surface; patch nail holes
  • Remove picture hooks, light fixtures, switch plates & outlet plates
  • Remove old paste, grease and dirt with a warm, mild detergent solution; rinse well

Paint wall if necessary:

The best wall surface for vinyl or canvas murals is a wall painted with two coats of flat latex paint or primer

If you need to remove your wall mural for any reason, rest assured, your walls will look fantastic once the panels have been removed following these instructions.

If you chose SmartStick® material, carefully peel the panels off the wall from top to bottom.

If you chose vinyl or canvas material, carefully pull on the mural from one of the edges, panel by panel. Once the entire mural is removed, wipe off any paste residue left on the walls with a clean, damp sponge or towel. The wall is now ready to be painted or have another wallpaper mural installed.

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