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Kryptonite Panoramic Wall Murals are mural/ vinyl material wallpapers that fixate on the wall with HD print quality that come with over hundreds of options available to choose from including sea life, desert, beach, space etc.

With plethora of wall mural images to choose from and any custom size you need, we make it easy to find the right mural for your space. Simply select an image, choose a size, and we'll make it your way! Quality of the materials used are the highest grade available in the industry making it long lasting and best for your walls.

We can now utilise the full range of our Murals and provide the traditional dull patient rooms/ CT / Linac Rooms with restorative power of views to nature with equally alleviating and restorative illusion of panoramic views of natural environments.

Kryptonite Wall Mural provides the most engaging illusion of natural outdoors featuring an innate love for the natural world. The large, textured room reminds one of a real panoramic view while its refreshing exquisite design transforms the dull enclosed rooms into more positive beautiful environment.

This is an artistic tool that constantly draws out an experience of nature's immenseness by engaging the areas of the brain involved in spatial perception, Kryptonite Wall Mural provides restorative benefits in enclosed surroundings by offering realistic match of safe outlook points into panoramic views of nature.

At Kryptonite, every mural we make is a custom order. You get to specify the size that best fits your facility, creating life-like scenery into your room.

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Bored with your walls? Transform your home or office space with Kryptonite Panoramic Murals, the leading custom wall mural company in the world. You simply pick the right size you need and we offer the best material for your particular environment.

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