Experience the reality within the virtual world
with Kryptonite Virtual Ceiling Panels

Virtual Ceilings

Kryptonite Virtual Skylights are illusions of natural sky that provide a soothing environment, conducive to patient healing and relaxation. These are LED panels lit by light diffusers which are well suited with extreme quality HD picture printing giving life-like environment. These need to just recess on the Armstrong grid of 2'x2' feet. All we need is power supply on the ceiling

A design research reveals that visions of nature help in healing, reduce the use of pain medication, and reduce stress & anxiety in healthcare settings. In an attempt to better understand, Kryptonite Healthcare Design has brought this research into practice and makes notes of how biophilic illusions of nature function in healthcare and other environments.

Using these biophilic elements for design inspiration, Kryptonite Healthcare Design products modify the experience of the enclosed environment with visually architectural tools. The products are extremely resourceful that people feel themselves close to nature. These lifelike nature illusions have been put up at many healthcare facilities across the country to relieve stress, promote patient relaxation, provide faster recovery results and improve the patient experience. Kryptonite Virtual Skylights are also known to make environment work-friendly. Thus we strive to create the indoors with illusionary nature scenes where your people would love to work and your patients' experience is enhanced.

These Virtual Skylights are available in sizes that fit into the standard grid ceilings of 2' x 2' feet. They are compatible with most of the standard grid ceilings and can be scaled up to the size you desire.

Why Virtual ceilings?

Virtual ceilings relaxes the patient re-directing negative thoughts

Transform enclosed interiors into more spacious and natural looking environment

Gives you a wide variety of images to choose from

We create environment where people love to work

Backlight with powerful LED making it more life-like

We keep you under the
sky 365 days a year

Kryptonite provides excellent exceptional quality products backed by a collection of high-end photographic resolution images which brings the sky above you in your interiors.

Custom Shapes

You dream, we make it

Kryptonite provides complete custom shaped virtual ceilings using standard grids fulfilling unique criteria for complete site. Choose from a variety of different themes for your department/room.

We can create new compositions just for you and all installations are tailor-made to suit requirements.